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「+S」 Spiral Market
「+S」 Spiral Market


    Life GOODS, interior GOODS, stationery

    The first floor

Under the theme of "Home Party", we introduce good-quality item with casual to snuggle up to daily life. You can enjoy shopping while satisfying feeling and sense of the seasons of the day like Marchais which can have seasonal ingredients in its hand.

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"+S" Select vol.79 point and line design Seisakusho

"+S" Select vol.79 point and line design Seisakusho
Exhibition period: 2020.7.27 (mon) -8.23 (sun)

Trees growing thick thickly,
Smell, sound of wind and rain,
Life of animal sighing on the earth.
Design that designer Riko Okae deals with
We made various phenomena to fade in nature motif.

Design that just scooped original scenery in the depths of heart of everybody
He/she snuggles up to our life relaxedly.

In Futakotamagawa store accessories such as button or handkerchief,
We offer tote bag, kit of mask.
We will be waiting with many wonderful designs.

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