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We aim at being available for a long time in peace and prepare product which combined ingredient derived from nature including plant extract and nutrition-rich produced milk and honey from flower or stem. We offer moisture and pleasure by abundant lineup from skin care to body care in life.

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Season when ultraviolet ray becomes strong as for the lips UV care!

◇◆Period, amount limited sale◆◇
From Sunday, March 1, 2020 to Monday, August 31

"Rose Joule lip protector UV" to protect lips well for season when ultraviolet ray in the spring and summer becomes strong is appearance with a limitation of period, amount!

Rose Joule lip protector UV paid its attention to secret to bloom beautifully in environment where rose was severe and developed.
We combine ingredient derived from damask rose from Bulgaria and protect lips from various damage let alone ultraviolet ray every day.
For fluent coating feeling, we reach puberty slightly and direct lips with a feeling of natural complexion.

As lips have few sebaceous gland, sweat glands, and the corner layer is extremely thin, it is very sensitive.
In comparison with other parts of face, it is important to protect from outside stimulation well as barrier function is low.

Season when ultraviolet ray becomes strong as for the lips UV care!

■Rose Joule lip protector UV
SPF25 PA++ body 1,800 yen + tax
Ultraviolet ray absorbent nothing addition, nothing fragrance, no mineral oil, paraben-free alcohol (ethanol) Flea coating tar system pigment combination

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