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On our homepage, we may introduce link to homepage of other companies. About collection of personal information in link, we do not bear any managerial responsibility. Please use by your judgment.
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Rightful claimant who detected the use in us and us has intellectual property rights such as copyrights, other rights in our homepage about information and design, logo mark, characters, image of publication. Reproduction, conversion are not possible without permission of rightful claimant.
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About information provided on our homepage, we warn to place appropriate and correct information, but do not guarantee accuracy, usefulness of the contents. Therefore, we do not take any responsibility for the damage or disadvantage that customer occurred by taken action based on information of our homepage.
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About the damage, disadvantage by troubles that occurred in customers including the damage, disadvantages such as software, accident that we produced on the hardware, pollution due to computer virus, loss, damage of data during the use of our homepage, we do not take any responsibility.
About change of publication contents
Our homepage may do addition, change, deletion of information and service contents without prior notice to customer.
About link to our homepage
When link to our homepage is hoped for, please inform to NATO corporation which is the secretariat.
When I include contents to slander contents, pink content, Dogwood Plaza against public order and morals and tenant, and to slander and judge link with inadequacy, I may decline link.

NATO corporation

〒158-0094 2-23-1, Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Enforcement date January 17, 2011
Publication day March 3, 2011

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