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Social media policy

NATO corporation (called "us" as follows) sets the following "social media policy" on managing official account of social media.

◆Official account which is targeted for social media policy

Twitter …

Account to give its our facility and same name except the above has nothing to do with us.

  1. Purpose of use of social media

    It is aimed for disseminating information about our "products, service, event" to handle and plans communication to be able to enjoy as facility which is more familiar to all of you that social media are used.

  2. Action principle

    In social media disseminate information; "awareness and responsibility" about correspondence
    • We take responsibility and send information in social media after having understood that disseminating information on social media not being able to completely remove released contents, the unspecified number of users are browsable enough.
    Mental attitude that we deal with use of social media
    • We follow regulations of each social media and keep a certain good sense remark, contribution in mind.
    • We keep wrong contents, contribution that it is appropriate not to express that disseminates information, and causes misunderstanding in mind. We correct mistake and inappropriate contents with apology immediately by any chance when contribution is carried out.
    • We respect to having top priority about rights such as privacy and, let alone protecting intellectual property rights such as copyrights, act.
  3. Guidance and request to customer and social media users

    • Information that our staff running social media sends to in the social media does not necessarily express our official announcement, opinion and, about integrity, accuracy of publication information and usefulness, does not guarantee. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
    • As it is thing at the time of dispatch, and information in social media may be changed afterwards, please be careful.
    • We quote or, about thing which customer posted, may reply.
    • We do not reply to all of comment, contributions that we got.
    • When content of comment posted by user violates regulations of each social media, we may block report, account of contribution contents for each social media administration.
  4. Disclaimers

    • We do not take any responsibility about contents posted by user.
    • We do not take responsibility for all for the damage that we produced by trouble between users or user and third parties.
    • Text, software, music, sound, photograph, graphics, video, page layout, design and any other contents that user posted on official account should be posted after user confirmed what was protected by each copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights and law.
    • About any damage of official account having been used or customer to produce by not having been able to use for some reason, we which are the master of administration do not take responsibility at all. In addition, we cannot answer about these including the system operation situation of each social media and technical question, function of software and question about usage.
    • Administration of official account is finished without notice and may be deleted.
  5. Deletion reason

    We expect that we do not post applicable user contents as follows of user and we delete user contents to correspond as needed and revise.

    • Information not to be related to each official account or contribution
    • Information to violate right of slander slander and third party or contribution
    • Against public order and morals or can cause
    • Or thing tied to illegal act, crime; can cause
    • We violate intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark, others) and right of likeness, privacy
    • Use our social media in commercial purpose
    • We include harmful program script
    • Information that creator name was camouflaged or contribution
    • In addition, information that disturbed management administration, and judged that we were inappropriate or contribution

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